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Canticle Technologies (P) Ltd. developed SECURESAL, ERP system specially for Security Guard Agencies and ...

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Canticle Technologies (P) Ltd. developed SECURESAL, ERP system specially for Housekeeping & Facility Management...

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Payroll is an important activity in any organization. PAYSOFT, has been specially developed by Canticle ...

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Labour Contractors & suppliers business is unique. A readymade payroll software might not meet all your specific...

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Canticle’s PAYCORE & BILLCORE complete payroll software for any security agency that has more than 50 Security Guards....

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Inventory is but cash in stock. Unsold inventory or unplanned raw materials only eat in to the bottomline. Canticle’s ...

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Was your past ERP implementation a failure or
do you have high-end requirements to be implemented???

  • Ideal requirements were not met
  • Requirements were not properly interpreted
  • ERP was not so user friendly
  • Failed to manage various complexities in the organization
  • Poor customer support and service
  • Was not based on Advanced Technologies.
  • Insufficient domain knowledge and Expertise
  • Not able to match the day to day changes in government policies
  • Poor customization
  • Canticle expertise in dealing with complex requirements of clients
  • Canticle has professional staff for dealing with client’s requirements
  • Most User – friendly ERP in the Category/Segment
  • Excellent customer support and service
  • Based on latest technology and have outstanding and exceptional features
  • Rich domain knowledge (more than 10 years)
  • Master driven government policies
  • Flexible ERP with minimum customization

About Canticle Technologies

Canticle Technologies(P) Ltd. (CTPL) is a professional IT COMPANY headed by group of people experienced in the field of IT and those who know how to grow their business to an acme. Canticle boasts of 10 + years of successful operations and is highly experienced with over 1000 customers & 25000 users. Our associates work together to deliver customized solutions for the challenges our customers face each day It was formed with objective of providing IT consultancy services, Business Software solutions & related services in India & abroad. We join hands with our clients to access, structure and implement customized Information Technology solutions in unprecedented timeframes. CANTICLE knows the expectations you have for your IT investments are not always met. That’s why we have products & solutions that help customers to get more performance .....Read More

Canticle's Success Mantra

'Do it right the first time' defines the high performance work culture at Canticle. The three corners of our high performance prism are

Listen :-

Ability to clearly understand customer requirements

Efficient Interface :-

To make it User friendly

Get things done :-

Through focus and persuasive articulation