Why Canticle?

Continuous Product Innovation
Canticle innovates more than any other player in the Product Development category. That means you get a product that is constantly upgraded and enhanced with more new features than any - one else. Powerful new features added to the software every month. Canticle’s Products hence has more features, more flexibility, and more depth in every module than any other player in the market.

The Canticle’s Team Advantage
Canticle software products are backed by an committed, honest, efficient and competent team. Canticle’s team is committed to ensure that each client project becomes a success, goes live and remains a satisfied client forever. Canticle’s Team superior Domain and Functional knowledge enable them to correctly understand even the most complex client functional requirements. Canticle Team’s excellent technical skill enable them in providing correct technical solution to the complex client requirements. Canticle’s Team commitment is to have a life long relationship with the client and Canticle team ensures all client queries are resolved in an efficient and timely manner.

Leadership Team
The Canticle’s Leadership Team comprises of highly experienced and motivated individuals who anchor the organisation effectively by providing high quality solutions to its clients and innovation to their leadership roles. They come along with excellent domain knowledge, across the board cross functional expertise and with one single objective - Customer delight.

Go Online and on Mobile
Canticle’s ERP on Mobile makes your workforce a Mobile enabled workforce. Stay Connected to business from anywhere, everywhere & on any device. Easy access to relevant personalized HR capabilities to employees. Quickly act on items requiring your attention. Plan your time off, mark your presence at work simply & swiftly. Track your travel expenses as they happen. Conveniently access information and get things done.

Seamless Integration
Canticle’s products can be made to work seamlessly with most major ERP, Finance and Payroll systems you may have running. With Canticle’s products as your primary portal front-end, integrating with all your other IT investments at the back-end, users have the benefit of a single, intuitive virtual workplace to better manage key functional and business processes, communication and knowledge. Excellent and Efficient Support Systems Canticle has over the past 10 Years evolved its own support systems and processes. These are time tested and ensure the most efficient way in which client support is handled. These ensure efficient and correct client query handling and efficient and timely resolution of client queries.

Domain Knowledge
Canticle’s products are being used by companies belonging to 19 different verticals, prominent being Security Agencies, Housekeeping & Facility Management Companies, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Processed Foods, Construction, Packaging, FMCG, IT/ITES, Telecom, BFSI etc. This enabled us to incorporate some of the best Payroll practices of these verticals in the product.

Proven Implementation Methodology which ensures Project Success.
Canticle has over the past 10 years evolved its own proprietary Implementation Methodology. Every ERP Implementation project is broken down to around 50 steps with well-defined major milestones. Time tested Implementation Methodology ensures successful Implementation. Well Defined processes and Action Plans guide the client in a Methodical, System and Sequential manner to go live. Canticle’s Action Plans help the client’s in going live in a systematic and time tested and proven manner.

Quick Implementation
It does not take years to implement Canticle’s ERP . With disciplined project management and Canticle’s Roll-out Methodology (CRM), we are able to ensure that the Payroll & ERP system can quickly realize the value of investment and make that strategic shift in role.

Canticle has a proven track record of being relevant and reliable. Our product is being used by 800 customers and over 2500 users. Many of our clients have chosen Canticle over other ERP-based Payroll software systems because Canticle fits their business requirements more appropriately, without the complexity, time and cost associated with traditional systems.

Canticle’s products are very customizable to suit needs of an organization's Payroll processes. The time and cost involved in making the customizations in any ERP HRMS is humongous